Committee Composition

Embassy Suites, Anchorage, Alaska

Committee Charting

Executive Committee Audit Committee Compensation Committee Nominating and Governance Committee
Glade M. KnightExecutive Chairman CC
Glenn W. Bunting CC
Jon A. FosheimLead Independent Director
Justin G. Knight
Bruce H. Matson CC
Blythe J. McGarvie(1)
Daryl A. Nickel
L. Hugh Redd CC
CC= Chairperson
= Member
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The independent members of the Board of Directors meet independent of management and non-independent Directors on a regular basis. The Lead Independent Director leads such executive sessions.

Shareholders and other interested parties may send communications to the Board or to specified individual directors. Any such shareholder communications should be directed to the attention of the Lead Independent Director at Apple Hospitality REIT, Inc., 814 East Main Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219. The Lead Independent Director will decide what action should be taken with respect to the communication, including whether such communication should be reported to the full Board.

(1) Ms. McGarvie was appointed to Apple Hospitality’s Board of Directors in February 2018 and currently does not serve on a committee of the Board. She is expected to be appointed to one or more of the committees of the Board in connection with the 2018 Annual Meeting of Shareholders, assuming she is re-elected to the Board at the 2018 Annual Meeting of Shareholders.